This individual is qualified to join based on his ownership of a Qualifying Aircraft. His ownership may be as an individual (aircraft titled in his personal name) or as the titled entity (e.g. an LLC). This includes any individual who is at least 25% owner of the aircraft itself, or the owning entity.

Representatives of OWNER MEMBERS may also join if authorized by the OWNER MEMBER after the OWNER MEMBER has enrolled. Typical examples include type-rated pilots who may represent the OWNER MEMBER as an employee or regular contractor.

After enrollment, the OWNER MEMBER may also designate an OWNER ADMINISTRATOR who shall have read-only access.



A corporate flight department that supports a business, other than aircraft charter, of its corporate owner or lessee shall be eligible for membership. A corporate flight department may operate one of more Qualifying Aircraft. The corporate flight department shall self-designate a lead member, to be identified as the CFD LEAD MEMBER. 

The CFD LEAD MEMBER may then designate other appointed persons within his organization as CFD MEMBER REPRESENTATIVES. These individuals would typically be type-rated pilots and formally trained aircraft technicians for one or more Qualified Aircraft operated by the corporate flight department. 

The CFD LEAD MEMBER may also designate a CFD ADMINISTRATOR who shall have read-only access to online forums.



This category is available to those individuals and entities that constitute a business of providing products and/or services for a Qualifying Aircraft, its owner, or operator. Such entity may be an individual professional or some form of corporate entity. An individual may join as a PSP LEAD MEMBER. If the entity is an organization, one individual shall be self-designated as the PSP LEAD MEMBER and may designate others in his organization as PSP MEMBER REPRESENTATIVES.

An example of an individual in this category would be a “mentor pilot” or a CFI who is qualified in one of the Qualifying Aircraft and whose business is providing training, 61.58 flight checks, etc.

An example of a corporate provider would be a firm or organization supporting the operations of a Qualifying Aircraft via supplying various services, e.g., software supporting flight planning, or a flight training company such as CAE or Flight Safety.

Service Centers: Authorized Service Centers qualify for Membership as a Product or Service Provider (other than Embraer-owned service centers which fall under the Embraer Executive Jets Membership category).

A PSP LEAD MEMBER may designate a PSP ADMINSTRATOR who shall have read-only access to online forums.



As the OEM, Embraer has a special relationship to the aircraft our Members operate, and as such, the Association acknowledges, appreciates, and encourages their support and participation. Each Embraer employee who joins shall be considered an EEJ REPRESENTATIVE.

Any Embraer full-time employee may register to attend the Association’s Annual Meeting, access the Association web site, and are welcome to “post” on the forum, etc.

No employee shall be considered a “Member” in any category, but will be designated as an EEJ REPRESENTATIVE.

Continuing of this special category shall be at the discretion of the EJOA Board of Directors, and among other things, considers the OEM’s continued financial support of the Association.

The number of EEJ REPRESENTATIVES may be limited.